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This wiki

Originally dedicated entirely to our guild, the Free Spirits, this wiki has gradually migrated to a broader community goal. 1)

The project is to present the guilds from all countries by offering them a dedicated page with or without RSS feeds and also to present articles on various aspects of Astellia or to propose links or reproductions of already existing articles.

All contributions are welcome as long as they respect our charter of respect for all players regardless of their origins, tendencies, inclinations or affinities.

We are strongly recommanding Deepl for translation help.

The Guilds

List your guilds here.


Anyone can contribute to the edition whether they're a guild member or not (editor role).
All the information contained and published is the personal work of its authors and the sources will always be noted if the work comes from another site.

Security & Privacy

The only cooky concerns the user's data storage, the simplest remains without cooky with the password managed by the navigator, nothing else. Frames with embedded tables or videos contain traffic and tracking cookies. As these are not sources that can be managed by this wiki, you should refer to the privacy policies of these providers for privacy rules.

Registration is not mandatory, however some data relating to guilds only is accessible or visible only to members of those guilds, even if you are registered. Guild members are advised to register if they intend to actively participate in their community.

Guild News Feed

This section is reserved and visible only to connected guild members.

this shift occurred when several existing community sites disappeared, with the desire to try to fill this void.
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